• Reviews Boost Business

    “A simple half-star improvement on Yelp’s 5-star rating makes it 30-49% more likely that a restaurant will sell out its evening seats.” 
    - TechCrunch

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  • People Trust Reviews

    Google claims over 73% of Internet users believe the online reviews they read, and reviews affect their buying decisions. How do your customer ratings stack up against your competitor's?

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Who Needs Online Reputation Management? You do!

People believe online reviews... it's a fact! In a recent survey, Google determined that over 73% of Internet users trust online reviews when making purchase decisions. Consider your own shopping behavior: when searching for product or service suppliers, restaurants, or where to go for a night out on the town - do you read the reviews posted on sites like Google and Yelp? If you don't, you are in a small minority.

In September 2012, two Berkeley economists found that the tiniest changes in online restaurant ratings can have a huge direct impact on sales. A simple half-star improvement on Yelp’s 5-star rating makes it 30-49% more likely that a restaurant will sell out its evening seats. Online reviews, the researchers conclude, “play an increasingly important role in how consumers judge the quality of goods and services.” It's a simple fact that online reviews are playing an increasing role in which businesses succeed and fail.

How do I get reviews on Google and Yelp?

Caution: you cannot post positive reviews about your business on Google or Yelp yourself. If you try, your listing will be removed and you will be sandbagged, losing any chance you had at getting more business from these important online sources. Waiting for customers to write reviews online whenever they feel like it is asking for unpredictability in your business ratings. In fact, some customers are more likely to leave an online rating or review only when they have had a really bad experience! Take your company's online reputation into your own hands. Reputation Bug increases the amount of positive reviews posted, plus it gives the small percentage of dissatisfied customers a place to vent their anger without going to Google or Yelp: a win-win! Are all bad reviews bad for business? No! Reputation Drive gives you the tools to effectively improve a damaged customer relationship.

By monitoring your reviews and responding quickly, you can turn a bad review into something positive. For example, a local restaurant using our system received a 2 star review because their self-serve ice cream dispenser served out "slushy" ice cream. The restaurant owner was able to quickly respond to the review, thanking the customer for pointing this out and mentioning that he had ordered a brand new ice cream machine and would be grateful if the customer writing the review would stop by with a couple of friends next week to try it out for free. The customer stopped by with three of his friends and they all had lunch there... so not all bad reviews are bad for business... it's the way bad reviews are handled that impacts your business.

How Reputation Drive will help you get more business:


    Reputation Drive puts you in control. Whether you use our self-serve service or fully managed plan, Reputation Drive provides alerts which allow quick response to problems, minimizing any adverse effects on your business... they might even help! Sign up for one of our plans today >

    5 Star Reviews on Auto-Pilot:

    Our system offers the perfect solution as it allows customers to leave a review when they’re in the best frame of mind. We simplify the process, so the customer is not distracted and can leave a review quickly while they are feeling the happiest about your business.

Now, getting 4 or 5 star reviews is simple:

You or one of your staff members hands the customer a feedback card or simply enters the customer’s name and e-mail address into the software and it automatically reaches out to get their feedback, using our proprietary software system and process. If you get a 4 star or above, the customer is directed to the review site of their choice and post the positive review for the public to see.

If it was a poor rating (3 stars or below), the customer is immediately sent to a private complaint form that notifies your staff and appears nowhere else for the public to see. This allows the customer to express their issues and inform you about a problem privately, while reducing the chances of negative reviews appearing on popular review websites.

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